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    New [Release] Web MuOnline Quest System v0.1

    Mesaj  TheKing la data de Dum Iul 25, 2010 1:57 am

    Web MuOnline Quest System v0.1

    This is the first version of this quest system

    Originally Posted by ReadMu.txt
    Tables of contents:
    1. Introduction.
    2. Featuers.
    3. Installation.
    4. How does it work? + tips.
    5. Credits.
    6. Support.

    1. Introduction ===========================
    The (S-y) MuOnline quest system has
    exactly one valiuable purpose which is to
    make MuOnline more exciting than it usually
    is. To create this new enviornment where
    players can do more than to say afk all-day
    long, it allows them to expand the things
    they need to do in the game.

    2. Features ===============================
    What is included in the package:
    - Original web interface.
    - A stable ajax core.
    - Secured scripts.
    - Administrative functions.
    -> Quest Adder.
    -> Quest Editor.
    -> Quest Remover.
    -> Item Hex Code Generator.
    - Item Icon Pack.
    - User functions.
    -> Login/Logout system (Md5 and non-md5)
    -> Quest Listing + paging
    -> Quest filtering (in sessions)
    -> Detailed quest information.
    -> Quest status checker + awarder.
    -> Current finished questList+paging.
    -> Honor Rankings.

    3. Installation ===========================
    3.1 Open your MSSQL Query analyzer, connect to the 'MuOnline' database.
    3.2 Afterwords open the /Install/ folder.
    3.3 Run the ./quest_tables.sql in the query analyzer.
    3.4a If you have installed the (S-y) webshop there's no need to do nth.
    3.4b If you have not execute the ./Table_WebShop.sql and ./WebShop_Entries.sql as well.
    3.5 Open ./s_scripts/db.connect.php and configure your connection to the MuOnline database.
    3.6 Open ./s_scripts/quest_admins.php.php and add your administrator accounts.
    3.7 Enjoy your brand new quest system.

    4. How does it work? + tips. ==============
    The system comes with NO inbuilt quests due to the differences in all the muonline servers.
    When adding quests in mind keep the balance to hand. First (low honor requirement quests),
    you need to add with low prices and a bit higher honor reward, create multiple quests for the
    same classes of characters with a simillar reputation requirement so that players can have a choice
    on which quest to attend at that time. Don't build a one-way street!! Create the last quests with
    high rewards but with a huge honor requirement, so that players can get to them like climbing a ladder
    Q: How does the quest evaluate the items needed?
    A: When you open the "items" tab on the requirement field you see a list of item thumbnails. Notice
    that they have certain level/option/xl/luck/skill/380lvl opt specifications (if chosen ofc).
    Here is the tricky part. The webshop has an item comparing function that takes more powerfull items
    to hand when it comes to quests. E.g. the quest wants Dragon Armor+9+4 and u have Dragon Armor+12+20+luck,
    the quest will accept it as a valid item.
    You might want to use the S-y webshop for the item administration.

    5. Support ================================
    I'll try to keep things up and recently release
    update to the quest system so it stays tuned up.
    I want nothing more from you than to keep my credits
    and the little donation link i setup at the footer
    of the page. If you chose to, you can donate as well.
    Sometimes its nice to know that someone is willing
    to motivate a developer ^-^

    Download :

    1 - http://fbx.ro/rpyzwtvgg0idbs0j
    2 - multiupload.com SK6IOKVTOP

    Savoy - WMQS
    Merlin - Fresh Links

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