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    New Enemy MuWeb 4.3 PREMIUM

    Mesaj  TheKing la data de Sam Iul 10, 2010 11:27 pm

    PREMIUM = bought!
    - Supports Russian, English and Romanian language
    - There is a complete items info with any options
    - Maximum Protection against SQL Injection + site logs
    - Server Info(shows info on the server)
    - Game Server info(it shows server status, the number of online and some more info)
    - Interactive chat(there is text color, anti spam, etc.)
    - Banner Panel
    - WebSite Friends Panel
    - Interactive Online Helper(here admin can write any fuel tips, answers or other on various topics)
    - Event Panel (it shows after what time will start events)
    - Present configs for each module

    - Server News(can write them in different languages which are supported site itself, existents News manager)
    - Registration Page(allows you to immediately find out if your entries are correct, exist secure against bots)
    - Server Rules
    - Page for download files(there is a manager in admin panel)
    - Integrated forum for the site(based on MS SQL, there are smiles, bb codes, exists forum management)
    - Top characters(shows the most powerful characters and some info about them)
    - Top guilds(shows the most powerful guilds and some info about them)
    - Guild Info(shows complete info of guild)
    - Top Phonomans(shows the largest phonomans and some info about them)
    - Top of rich characters(shows the richest characters in the game)
    - Server statistics(shows statistics about the server, a good thing for any admin)
    - The list of blocked characters(show cause, who blocked and for how long)
    - The list of blocked accounts(show cause, who blocked and for how long)
    - F.A.Q(allows beginners or even simple characters to learn more about mu server)
    - Buy Character Points for credits
    - Change class of character for credits
    - Buy Zen for credits
    - Anti bug system(returns the character to lorencia if he are ni unexistent map, recover money if they are less then 0, recover character points if they are less then 0)
    - You can create items on the site (WEbShop)(You can create item with any options)
    - Get Credits Info(each server admin can write his own system)
    - Who's online now(lists the users who are online ingame and count of it)
    - Search by characters name, accounts, nicknames(each show a separate info)
    - Add points from website
    - Reset the characters level how do you want
    - Reset character points from the website
    - Clear PK for credits
    - Rename character for credits
    - My Profile(You can add some info about yourself, avatar, signature)
    - Recover password from website
    - Change the password on the site
    - Take disconnection if your character is stuck in the game
    - Admin Control Panel
    - GM panel
    - Admin Options(you can delete a character, delete dupe items, you can clear the warehouse in the game or part of inventory)
    - Credit manager
    - Account Manager, Character Manager(can be changed from A to Z your account / character)
    - Advanced search for Admin
    - Ban IP on the site
    - Limit your account login into your account panel from one or more IP's
    - WebShop Manager
    - Ban Character / Account from the website
    - View Characters on Map(you can see and search on the maps characters and their coordinates)
    - Ability to activate your account via email
    - And much more features


    1. Copy website into your folder
    2. Change next files with your configuration "backs/configs.php", ".htaccess", error.php, "info/", "feeds/", XML files at template folder
    3. Install website from localhost<root_folder>/install/install.php
    4. Congratulations! You've installed website!

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Menu (translated to english):

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Template 2 download:
    http://www.failiem.lv/down.php?i=yqguml&n=enemy.rar (demo version template with added missing links)
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Installation guide:
    1. Download the file;
    2. Extract to "template" folder;
    3. At C:\xampp\htdocs\backs\ in configs.php change $enemy['template'] ="premium"; to $enemy['template'] ="enemy";


    - GrInYa (EMW Programmer)

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