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    New [Release] PsyMuWeb Free 1.0

    Mesaj  TheKing la data de Sam Iul 10, 2010 11:16 pm


    Here we are presenting you a new generation of websites for MuOnline simple and fully secured insuring you no hacking attempts .
    Features :
    • News Page
    • Registration Page
    • Downloads Page
    • Statistics Page
    • Rankings for players and guilds
    • Black List also known as Banned List (can ban users from admin panel)
    • Administration Panel
    • Forum redirection page
    • Simple and attractive design (If you want your own template , give it to us and pay 10 dollars)
    • Really fast website (Test yourself , you will love it)

    Note : This won't be the latest version provided , we will keep updating everytime we can so we can make it more attractive .

    Upcoming Updates :
    • Vote Box
    • Language System (You can create your own language just by editing a simple file)
    • Refferal System + Panel
    • Advertisement System where you can add Adsense or donation buttons and so on (No Restrictions like on MuWeb 0.9)
    • Stats Changing (Ex : Get some points from strength and add them to agility) with a fee in a coin system created automatically by web and can be purchased via money and you can set coins requirement from admin panel .
    • Class Changing same as on Stats changing with coins .

    Team Working On This Project :
    • PsychoJr (Coder Designer also Team Leader)
    • Denied (Management also Support Man)
    • Demonik (Coder/Designer)
    • Azeroth (Designer)

    How to install website :
    Run http://Your IP/install.php and you're ready to go .
    Note : Install will delete automatically after installing .

    NOTE : Feel free to steal our work as long as you give credits .

    Downloads :

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