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    Anunt [Release] SCFMT 10.03.15 Update

    Mesaj  TheKing la data de Mar Feb 23, 2010 10:06 pm

    SCFMT 10.03.15 By Lunatico and DARYoi 95% + ViP subserver

    VER: 10.03.15
    . [Skill] Added Elf Aura Buffs Time Control
    . [WinLicense] Fixes on CPU Usage [AGAIN]
    . Other fixes and security updates.

    VER: 10.03.13
    . [Exp] Party Exp FIX
    . [Skill] UnSleep Monsters FIX
    . [Skill] Explotion Skill make more dmg
    . [CastleSiege] Dont apply Summoner Buffs to Tower, Doors, Statues
    . [Exp] Added 3 Different System on SCF_ExtraExp.ini
    . [PK] Added PK Item Drop Options
    VER: 10.03.10
    . Fixed Crywolf issue.
    . Fixed new LAG issue.
    . Added more PK settings on commonserver's.
    VER: 10.03.08
    . [Jewels] Custom Jewels Added! (Not enabled for the moment, just added).
    . [CryWolf] When enter in the middle of the event, do not see proper interface
    . [CBMix] Fix chaos rate item for ancient items bug (depends on location of rate item)
    . [CastleSiege] Added accumulation Crown Time system (remembers time if user is not killed)
    . [CastleSiege] Updated Crown time from 30 seconds to 1 minute (CASTLESIEGE_CROWN_REGISTER_TIME)
    . [CastleSiege] Yellow bar is restarting every second when u get the crown (only visual bug)
    . [Marry] Trace Command: Cant trace character into imperial guardian or double goer event FIX
    . [Skill] DL Summon can recall party into imperial guardian or double goer event FIX
    . [Skill] Red Storm Buff in Blood Castle to other players FIXED
    . [Pet]  Dark Spirit cant hit Summoner FIXED
    . [Item] Fixed New Shields EXC options [mana,hp,reflect,deffence]
    . [Item] Fixed Wings Ignore Opponents Deffence 5% option
    . [Skill] DK Life goes to negative when use DK Add Life Skill with SG Fix dissabled
    . [Item] Added Soket Recovery option to the Warehouse read portion
    . [NPC] Fixed NPC talk events when talk to NPC (holidays congratulations) [NPC 239 to 255]
    . [Event] XMas event, added Santas congratulations (Merry Xmas, Happy New Year)
    VER: 10.02.98
    . [Skill] HP Goes negative when Use DK Add Life Skill in party
    . [Marry] Trace Command: Cant trace character into Sky Event
    . [Event] XMas event, added extra experience [SCFXMasExtraExperience]
    . [Event] XMas event, added extra drop percentage [SCFXMasExtraDropPercent]
    . [Event] XMas event, added invitations multi-use [SCFXMasMaxTripsPerTicket]
    . [Event] XMas event, added fireworks drop with rate [item 14,99][SCFXMasFireworksDropRate]
    . [Item] Fixed 3rd wings Successful Blocking 5% option
    . [Item] Drop item with soket fix (when kill monster or drop box)
    . [Item] Fixed excellent options counter (now returns proper value)
    VER: 10.02.94
    . [Item] Max Excellent Option Drop in SCF_Items.ini
    . [Event] XMas event, drop rate of tikets fix (was backwards)
    . [Event] XMas event monster spawn config (removed NPC from it)
    . [Event] XMas event, Santa presents now operated through QUEST value 49 (1 per day)
    . [Event] XMas event, added limitation to use of Santas Vilage (Event off - cant move)
    . [Skill] Sleep: Player/Monster wake up when some one hit him (Like original)
    . [Server] Option added for fix or unfix the gages overflow
    . [Skill] Night Cant Summon Special Monsters FIX
    . [CastleSiege] Registred Guilds List does not show properly
    . [CastleSiege] Guild Marks Registred List does not show correctly
    . [CastleSiege] Participating Guild List does not show correctly
    . [CastleSiege] Registration of crown error fix (says you are in defending team)
    . [CastleSiege] Senior NPC: fix for Gate HP upgrade button
    . [CastleSiege] Senior NPC: fix for Gate HP bug during buy
    . [CastleSiege] Senior NPC: fix for Statue Regeneration upgrade button
    . [CastleSiege] Senior NPC: fix for Statue HP upgrade button
    . [CastleSiege] Senior NPC: fix for Statue HP bug during buy
    . [Server] Added Security Number Control for dissband Guild and Delete Characters (SCF_Common.ini)
    VER: 10.02.83
    . [Logs] Enabled/Dissabled
    . [Item] Visual Bug on DK with 3rd wings + fenrir FIX
    . [Item] Chaos Rate item for machine Fix (keeps ancients and skills on items)
    . [Item] Fixed JOL success option on the SRC (reversed success VS failure)
    . [Character] Maximum SD,HP,BP,Mana INFO Message (so ppl stop complaining, ITS NOT A BUG)
    . [Item] 3rd Wings Success Blocking fix (block damage instead of increasing it)
    . [Skill] Grerat fortitude skill fixed (Broken HP calculation in solo and party)
    . [CastleDeep] After Castle Siege, Castle Deep Event no longer starts fix
    . [CastleSiege] Crown registration timer has been added
    . [CastleSiege] Crown registration timer paket structure fix (from size 9 to 12)
    . [CastleSiege] Crown dissapears after Sky Event, Raklion Event or Moss Event
    VER: 10.02.76
    . [CastleSiege] Crown dissapears after Blue Event, XMas Event or Boss Attack
    . [CastleSiege] Fixed Crown Index error (SetCrownUserIndex function)
    . [CastleSiege] Alliance guilds can participate in the event now as well
    . [BOK] Sometimes you cant pickup the box when Golden Mob Die
    . [DropSystem] Adjusted the way system chooses items, added trace logs for tweaking
    . [EventItemBag] Need to add soket item drop option for soket items
    . [Character] Fixed SD, Mana, Life, BP overflow
    . [Character] SD recovery is too big especially for DL characters
    VER: 10.02.65
    . [Server] Monster Limit increase
    . [Skill] Summoner Berserker Skill Added
    . [Event] Sky Event no one cant enter FIX
    . [PCShop] Give much points when kill some mob FIX
    . [Item] Fixed Golden Fernir offence/deffence options
    . [Item] Fixed Summoner Wings Attack % calculation
    . [Item] Fixed Summoner Wings Deffence % calculation
    . [Item] Fixed 3rd Wings Deffence % calculation
    . [Item] Fixed 3rd Wings Attack % calculation
    . [Item] Fixed 3rd Wings Wizzardy Damage calculation
    . [Skill] SkillMagicCircle calculation fix on item on/off character
    . [Skill] SkillReflect calculation fix on item on/off character
    . [Imperial] Creating tiket from paper pieces, causes durability 0 bug on last piece
    . [DoubleGoer] Creating tiket from pieces, causes durability 0 bug on last piece
    . [Kanturu] Kalima Map creation, causes durability 0 bug on last piece
    . [CastleSiege] Mark of lord stacking, causes durability 0 bug on last piece
    . [LuckyPenny] Lucky Peny stacking, causes durability 0 bug on last piece
    . [CastleSiege] CastleSiege still randomly freezes before start of the EVENT
    . [CastleSiege] CastleSiege still randomly freezes during start of the EVENT or end
    . [Event] Fixed player 'clearance' at the event END
    . [CustomDrop] Adjusted custom drop initial list collector
    . [CBMix] Fixed % of the 3rd Wings combination
    . [Anti-Hack] Implemented anti-speed detection system
    . [Raklion] Can enter Event when the Room is already CLOSED
    VER: 10.02.53
    . [Server] Login Bug FIX
    . [Server] T Bug Fix
    . [Server] Speed Load
    . [Server] x64 support.
    VER: 10.02.51
    . [Imperial] Config Added
    . [Imperial] 100% Finished (Doors Positions FIXED)
    . [Imperial] Chaos Combination Added
    . [Event] Boss Event Boss Monster its Rabbit FIX
    . [Server] Drop Zen Control
    . [CastleSiege] After siege warfare the siege gameserver does not add 7 days to the time in MuCastle_Data table FIX
    . [Event] XMas Event Evil Santa, Snowman, Goblin Give Ticket FIX
    . [Event] XMas Event Santa Give Item
    . [Imperial] 99.9% Finished (Need to correct Door Positions)
    . [Blood Castle] Door Terminated Can Walk FIX
    . [Double Goer] Dies on Event warp to Elbland
    . [Imperial] Cant move over the gate if it isnt terminated (NEW BLOCK)
    . [Imperial] Dies on Event warp to Devias
    . [ChaosBox] Chaos Card Machine Added
    . [PCShop] Reload Shops Double Items FIX
    . [Server] Log Folder auto creation
    . [Duel] Clear Duel interface on Spectator SelectScreen
    . [Server] Golden Dragon Dialog FIX
    . [Server] Changes on GM Commands
    . [Server] SCF_SpawnMonsters FIXED
    . [Double Goer] Config Added
    VER: 10.02.30
    . [Double Goer] Full Working
    . [Server] Guard Msg Changed
    . Some Oreans bugs when protect the application
    VER: 10.02.16
    . [Duel] if you change character as espectator character become invisible to play FIX
    . [Server] CheckSum Added
    . [Reset] Fixed some bugs
    . [Reset] Added some new options
    . [Items] Move item limit FIX
    . [Server] SCFExItemDropRate = 0 means no excellent item drop
    . [Double Goer] 99% FINISHED (Need to add bar and triangles)
    . [DoubleGoer] Fixed NPC Warp
    . [DoubleGoer] Added 10 seconds delay before event start
    . [Event] XMas Event Added
    . [Event] Mob Number 414 - Fortune Pouch does not have a eventitembag attached to it
    . [Imperial] Before Event starts, must wait 10 to 15 seconds
    . [Imperial] Had issue with not being able to find one mob
    . [Imperial] Traps show as bulls and stay all on the same spot
    . [Imperial] Traps do not attack
    . [Imperial] Should not be able to attack gates before all mobs are killed (same as BC)
    . [Imperial] Castle Doors should not be counted as mobs
    . [Imperial] When all monsters killed, timer writing should turn green
    . [SoketSystem] Fixed inventory sokets dissapearance
    . [Imperial] Fixed crash on winMsg (Array overflow)
    . [Server] Fixed double messages for Raklion Event
    . [DoubleGoer] Fixed NPC timer show if event is taken by someone
    . [DoubleGoer] NPC now takes tikets and lets players in (party or single)
    . [Imperial] NPC now takes tikets and lets players in (two tiket types, sunday on sunday + regular)
    . [SkillTree] Breaks skills on characters, leving them with no skills and empty icons
    . [SoketSystem] Soket Recovery option does not count EXC number of options on items
    VER: 10.01.65
    . [Server] SkillList bad send FIX
    . [Server] Login issue FIX
    . [Double Goer] 98% FINISHED (Need to add bar and triangles)
    . [Imperial Guardian] 96% FINISHED
    . [Blood Castle] Door Terminated ATT FIX (NEED TO TEST)
    . [CBMix] Create Invisible Cloack + 8 FIX
    . [Server] Fix Auto Warp when you are in Elbeland when BC finish
    . [Items] Move item limit FIX
    . [Items] Recovery Slot for Socket items added
    . [Server] Changed Kanturu, CryWolf and other logs for better system View
    . [Event] Added Christmas firecracker item (14,99) (This item is NOT a box)
    . [CastleSiege] REMOVE ALL 'CriticalSection' entries during READ [m_critCsBasicGuildInfo]
    VER: 10.01.60
    . [CastleSiege] REMOVE ALL 'CriticalSection' entries during READ [m_critCsBasicGuildInfo]
    . [CastleSiege] Doesnt show fire Arrows and rocks interface, when player logon after siege start FIX
    . [CastleSiege] users do not see LOGO of SIEGE above their head, when logon after siege start! FIX
    . [CastleSiege] Cannon Tower - DOES NOT ATTACK FIX
    . [CastleSiege] Cannon Tower - DOES NOT ATTACK VISUAL BUG FIX
    . [CastleSiege] users do not see LOGO of SIEGE above their head! FIX
    . [CastleSiege] Guardian Statue - dropping low level items.... MUST BE NO DROP
    . [CastleSiege] Cannon Tower - when killed, droppping items.... MUST BE NO DROP
    . [CastleSiege] Castle Siege users do not see LOGO of SIEGE above their head!
    . [CastleSiege] Can not attack CS members unless using skill... (logo error)
    . [CastleSiege] Player becomes PK, after killin a user in CastleSiege
    . [CastleSiege] When attacking other player, getting deffence message
    . [CastleSiege] Get Crown Fixed
    . [CastleSiege] Registration like original
    . [CastleSiege] Character gets proper timer condition after warp or death
    . [CastleSiege] Character gets proper CS interface after CS starts
    . [Marry] Marry Command does not work (can't marry in that location error)
    . [Marry] 'you can not marry in that position' fixed (previous error with !=)
    . [Event] Summoner Summons can make buff dmg on Blood Castle FIX
    . [Duel] Spectators can trade with duelers and other spectators FIX
    . [PK] Hero System only for NO PK FIX
    . [GSCS] GS Freeze in Five stage!!! FIX
    . [Skill] DarkLord Summon Party FIX
    . [Item] Summoner first wings Option FIX
    . [Skill] Power Slash SkillTree damage is too low FIX
    . [Commands] Some GM Commands Authority code FIX
    . [GMSystem] Fix for /banaccount and /banchar commands
    . [Event] Happy Hour log message and announcement values fix
    . [GameServerCS] Doesnt drop items (only fenrir stuff) FIX
    . [CastleHuntZone] Fix Doesnt allow to pick up the ancient item FIX
    . [CastleSiege] PK When kill to the other guild FIX
    . [CastleSiege] Owners cant enter to castle room FIX
    . [Skills] New orbs cant consume
    . [Abuse] Alt-F4 rollback issue when Die
    . [Exp] Visual Bug on Login FIX
    . [Exp] Visual Bug on Die FIX


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