[Release] DarK TeaM Season IV Server (1.05V+) - BETA VERSION



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    Problema [Release] DarK TeaM Season IV Server (1.05V+) - BETA VERSION

    Mesaj  TheKing la data de Vin Ian 22, 2010 9:01 pm

    BETA 2


    - New Duel system working
    - Titus Gatekeeper working
    - Vulcan Map with monsters
    - Santa Invasion Event working (giving you invitation to santa's map)
    - Some new skills working, some need rework
    - LittleSantaClaus buffs working
    - New transformation rings working
    - Illusion Temple almost done
    - News rooms for BC, CC, and DS (with mastering check)
    - Moss merchant giving random items as it should give (just need to config rates)
    - More to be added!

    obs: skill tree and socket items not coded yet! but will be working next release!


    Mirror 1 : http://seeupload.com/591MuServer%20-%20DarK%20TeaM%20Season%204.rar




    Cliente Full (Zip) : http://muweb.nefficient.co.kr/muweb/MU1_04q_Full.zip
    Cliente Full (Install) : http://muweb.nefficient.co.kr/muweb/MU1_04q_Full.exe

    Patch (Zip) : ftp://muonline.nefficient.co.kr/pub/muonline/MU1_05V+_Patch.zip
    Patch (Install) : ftp://muonline.nefficient.co.kr/pub/muonline/MU1_05V+_Patch.exe

    Patch (main cracked) : http://seeupload.com/995Patch105V.rar
    Main Version: 1.23.45
    Main Serial: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Main IP:


    .NET Framework 3.5 : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=AB99342F-5D1A-413D-8319-81DA479AB0D7





    Test Commands!!!

    /ItSetScore [red/blue]


    Known Bugs Sad:
    - HP/MP display when joining map shows 0 (fixed) Sleep
    - Self attacking Elf skill bug
    - Some S4 Skills
    - Summoner books didn't attack properly
    - Take something from vault, it gives to you much zens
    - When killed by mob a lot of zen appears
    - Twisting slash without weapon.
    - DarkKnight (1class) can learn BK (2 class) skills
    - Can`t delete char, invalid ID
    - create Wing evo 3 four times, 2 become Space Time wing, and the other two become Daybreak socketed item + can't be taken
    - full stat MG/BM use powerslash / sword slash / Lightning storm can't kill monster (spider for example)
    - using new pet rudolf, after relog/switch/dc our character had visual bug (like using dinorant all the time)
    - GrandMaster can't learn Soul Master Skill
    - some visual bug for LE, when using fenrir, switch char/ dc/logout, the wing is gone, just take out fenrir and the wing is back
    - LE skill -> bird can't kill monster
    - Mussenger
    - Emotion list must have a review later
    - (more bugs i'll update here when people report it)

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