[Release] MuWeb 0.6 Fix + Support new class



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    Problema [Release] MuWeb 0.6 Fix + Support new class

    Mesaj  TheKing la data de Vin Ian 22, 2010 9:00 pm


    Good day and I have been doing with this project is to fix one of my best MuWeb version of the 0.6, I'm going to continue and develop under the same version and the same style.
    Changelog Version: 0.6.3 NEW

    Changelog Version: 0.6.3 NEW

    * Fixe of the login (and reset Add stat)
    * Agreement on the ranking (the redirect is removed by touching the name of the user to the page where it says points, zen, map)
    * Modules were removed from new events
    * To be under the statistics modules
    * Add the time it takes the server online
    * It deletes files block.php
    * Added all the files up to security.php
    * Changed the name of configs.inc.php to bladenetworks.inc.php (If you delete the site will not work)
    * Any text page can be changed bladenetworks.inc.php
    * Administrator.php options can be edited in bladenetworks.inc.php
    * Admin_functions, character_functions, character_manager arranged.
    * Updated version of cutenews and NULL.
    * To be deleted from lines install2.php (By default the administrator, and news that came included)
    * To be under the new record (at the time of recording errors, and other letters)
    * Will remove the logs (they were never uses), Pienza add improved.
    * Support for new character "JEN"
    * User deleted files character and guild (no longer needed)
    * To be under the anti sql injection code now stored in the log folder in the server (before I had my address and do not care)
    * Images folder does not exist (yet to fix things in terms of images, will be in my next version)

    Changelog Version: 0.6.2

    * Renamed to config.php file config.inc.php
    * Added the login (only with firefox)
    * Removed the script anti DDOS (caused problems in the 6.3 add another)
    * To be added to the lines of our script installation security (to be erased to install)
    * Added new news (cutenews)
    * Module is under the VIP and ADMIN
    * A new file (configs.inc.php) to edit my config.
    * The text of the pages index.php, main.php and some modules are in the file configs.inc.php, say as a new language.
    * To be arranged muweb of configs.
    * It is under the user panel (only 2 options, pj and change password)
    * Things are managed points of style
    * Will change the flash
    * Music is a meaning to the page (Internet, firefox) this is not the page is lageara my hosting.
    * To be under the registration system. (Very soon a lot better)
    * The forum link no longer goes to the module forum.php if not directly to him.
    * Added the php code where the name of the server dijiera MuStrom
    * Weight of muweb alijerado (984 KB)
    * New modules of events (not fully functional or fixed)
    * Changed the link is not fixed (bladenetworks.es / images / muweb.css)

    To install go to localhost news / cutenews and go.

    Changelog Version: 0.6.1

    * Anti sql injection
    * Anti inyection sql (another script)
    * Anti Hack Hole
    * Anti DDOS
    * Fixes in Style
    * New modules (VIP ADMINS)
    * Added the points of the tree branches but to reset the login is disabled
    * New classes were added (New characters)
    * Added the new maps
    * To be ranked according
    * To be deleted almost all the files in the images (the pictures uploaded to my hosting)
    * Added a minichat (Say universal, for all those wishing utiilizar Web)
    * Removing the option to Login (Temporarily for 6.2 with new options)
    * COD ID: Introduced 11111111111 (This is another change at the time of recording)
    * To be under the download remove the message (Information, on date)

    I recommend that they do not change my image hosting to your pc, and that will make the page slow (since the load on your pc), and release of any images will need to download it.

    WebSite Full
    Fix Stat 64000
    rapidshare.com Includes.rar

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